My Journey Towards Skin Health

My name is Angela Sanfilippo Casey MD and I am a board-certified dermatologist, fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon, and cosmetic dermatologist. My practice is focused on optimal skin health, skin cancer removal and reconstruction, and aesthetic dermatology.

My motivation and goal in creating this blog is to communicate to each of you that you can achieve optimal skin health.  And also to recognize that skin health comes from the inside out.  All of us have had battles with our skin over the years.  We have punished our skin repeatedly, whether it was through sunburns, tanning beds, stress, diet, or weight fluctuations.  I want to share the knowledge that has come through living my own life, as a full-time working mother of 3 daughters, and through the journey that I have taken with the tens of thousands of patients that I have treated over the years.

My Education

I graduated as valedictorian of my all-girls high school Sacred Heart Academy in Louisville, Kentucky.  I was awarded an academic scholarship to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee where I majored in Molecular Biology with a Mathematics minor.  I then returned to my hometown of Louisville where I attended medical school at the University of Louisville.  I then had the opportunity to complete my dermatology residency training at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, a nationally renowned hospital system.  It was there that I was fortunate to grow in my dermatology knowledge under the mentorship of Dr. Suzan Obagi, an internationally acclaimed cosmetic and surgical dermatologist.  I credit Dr. Obagi for igniting my passion for skin care and aesthetic dermatology.  After completing dermatology residency, I went on to the University of Vermont where I completed a fellowship in Mohs surgery (skin cancer surgery) and procedural dermatology under the instruction of Dr. Glenn Goldman, one of the leaders and innovators in this field.  The opportunity to grow comes full circle as I now work as a clinical instructor with the dermatology residents at the OhioHealth program in Columbus, Ohio and also have the chance to teach the Ohio State University dermatology residents.

My Story

I continually hear from my patients “Dr. Casey, you have the most beautiful skin!  How do I get skin like yours?”  “Your skin is perfect!  I bet you never had a sunburn.”  Well folks, this woman of the seemingly perfect skin has waged war with my skin over my lifetime…and lost quite a few battles.  I’d like to think that I‘m winning now, but it was literally decades of education, changing of habits, and growing knowledge to get to this point.  I hope to share this with each of you so that you can become your best self, from the inside out.

I grew up as a child of the 1980s when sunscreen wasn’t a big thing, and getting a sunburn wasn’t a big deal…because it would eventually turn to a tan.  I had more blistering sunburns over my lifetime than I can count.  My sister used to literally peel off the sheets of dead skin on my shoulders that had sloughed after severe sunburns after a spring break trip to Florida or the first few sunburns of the summer (one particularly gratifying time was when she literally peeled a 6 x 6 inch sheet off).  My nose was constantly red and freckled, and I was freckled, tanned, and happy.  As I reached my teen years, I slathered myself with baby oil or Hawaiin Tropic tanning oil, lived at the pool from dawn til dusk every day of the summer, and loved outdoor sports ranging from tennis to running to field hockey.

And I dealt with horrible acne in my late teens and early 20s, needing oral antibiotics and strong topical prescription medications to keep things somewhat under control.  I went to tanning beds to prepare for spring break and again, to prepare for my wedding.

So when I confess all of this to you, maybe you relate to some of it.  And here I am now, educating patients every day on proper skin regimens, dispelling skin care myths, and giving advice on staying healthy from the inside out.  Our skin radiates our internal health.  It tells our story.  It tracks our unique life journey.  Allow your skin show that you are your best self.  Move past everything that you put your skin through in your youth and charge towards your future with knowledge, hope, and motivation.

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