Why starting your day with gratitude is good for your skin

I love starting my day like this.

Look at that gorgeous Ohio fall sky! How lucky are we to get to appreciate this miraculous beauty?

Having a few moments of reflection and gratitude before starting my workday allows me to relax and bring my best energy to my patients.

And research shows that lower stress levels translate to healthier skin due to decreased cortisol levels. And decreased cortisol levels=less inflammation in your skin. We’ve all experienced it: studying for finals and our acne goes out of control. Or we are working on a project while sleep-deprived and our skin seems to react to every little trigger.

Take some time at the start of your day: maybe it’s 2 minutes or maybe it’s 30 minutes. Relax. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and breathe in clarity, light, and focus. Breathe out your frustrations, resentment, and stress.

What are you grateful for? What talent or skill in yourself do you want to recognize in yourself today? How can you bring that gratitude into your interactions with others?

Your skin will glow with that energy from within.

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