Your Hands

Your hands show your journey. Think of the difference between the hands of a construction worker versus those of a pianist versus those of an artist.

Look at your hands. Maybe you see scars, freckles, beautifully polished nails, veins, dry skin, scratches from your pet. And think of everything that your hands create: content at work, music, meals for your family, a message to a loved one.

Yes, your hands are an important part of your story and that’s why it is so essential to take good care of them. Here are a few tips (and my product recommendations):

Moisturize at least nightly and throughout the day as needed. (Avene Cold Cream Hand Cream, Aveda Hand Relief, Cerave Cream, and Aquaphor if you really need a boost).

Don’t neglect your cuticles when you moisturize.

If your hands are really dry, consider covering with cotton socks or gloves after applying cream at night; the cotton cover helps hold the moisture in and allows the cream to penetrate your skin while you sleep.

Apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) to your hands every day, especially if you are driving throughout the day (our hands get a ton of sun exposure through the windows). Reapply every hour.

Avoid hand sanitizers; they are drying and irritating to your skin. (And we’ll get into all of the reasons that handwashing with regular soap is better all the way around in a later post).

Wash with a regular soap (Dove, Mrs. Meyer’s, Soft Soap) for 20 seconds.

Avoid acrylic nails: they strip and weaken your natural nail plate.

Use a topical retinoid cream (Skin Better Science AlphaRet, SkinMedica Retinol, or prescription tretinoin cream) once or twice a weak (more than that will irritate your skin).

Know your options for hand rejuvenation: everything from lasers to injectable fillers to chemical peels to microneedling and more can be used to turn back the clock.

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