How OrangeTheory Fitness Keeps Your Skin Young

What does a challenging workout like this have in common with healthy skin?  Actually, more than you think.

Did you know that regular exercise benefits your skin in the following ways:

Exercise increases blood flow to your skin, delivering important nutrients and helping your skin recover from sun exposure and other environmental factors that we encounter throughout the day.

Just as exercise helps the cells throughout your body function at a more optimal level, it boosts the metabolism of your skin cells so that they function better.  Stronger skin fibroblasts=stronger collagen and more elasticity.

Exercising helps regulate our hormones which shows up as clearer and stronger skin, not to mention healthier hair and nails.

Working up a good sweat helps open your pores, releasing toxins such as dirt and oil.

Working out is linked to lower stress levels and better sleep patterns which translates to healthier skin.

A regular exercise regimen gives us confidence that manifests as a radiance in our skin appearance and character.  How we feel about ourselves is directly related to our energy levels and what we project in our interactions with others.

I love my OrangeTheory workouts and stick to them at least once or twice a week.  The class environment is fun, supportive, and encourages me to push past my barriers and challenge my body.  All of this translates to a truly effective workout that gives me energy and focus to be my best while keeping my skin healthy and rejuvenated.

I encourage you to find your exercise routine: whether it’s running on your own, catching a Zumba class with a friend, or working out with a trainer, your skin will appreciate the tremendous benefits of your hard work.

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