Farmer’s Market (in December)

It’s the first day of December in central Ohio, but I got to go shopping at our town’s Farmer’s Market this morning!  I am so thankful, that even in the winter months, our community brings together vendors and farmers from the surrounding areas, to provide fresh healthy food from local sources.

I love buying fresh produce from our farmer neighbors…the veggies are so vibrant and fresh, loaded with antioxidants, phytochemicals, and vitamins!  I feel like I am pampering my body with goodness when I eat this way.  I can literally feel the goodness of all of those healthy nutrients as I consume them.

What we eat quickly shows up in our skin.  Many of us notice sensitivities to certain items, whether dairy or gluten or sugar.  Some of us tolerate particular foods better than others.

But fresh fruits and veggies, unless you have an allergy, are pretty much universally excellent for our skin health.  The antioxidants fight the harmful inflammatory free radicals that cause damage to our skin cells and collagen.  And when you buy local, you are getting the freshest produce and supporting your community.  It’s good karma.  Good health.  And good for your skin.


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