Diet and Acne

The link between diet and acne has been debated for decades.  Let’s focus on the most updated information on the impact of diet and acne.  

The way that diet impacts acne varies tremendously from person to person.  The most general advice is to monitor diet, consider keeping a food journal, and identify potential triggers related to acne flares or worsening of acne severity.  

It is known that sugar and processed foods are pro-inflammatory and therefore, these foods can trigger acne flares in susceptible individuals.  A low glycemic diet has been shown to result in acne improvement.  This may be secondary to the impact of a low glycemic diet on regulating hormone levels, including reduction of androgens.  This leads to decreased sebum production and less inflammation in the skin.  

The role of dairy in acne is still unclear, but evidence suggests that some individuals may be sensitive to dairy, and that it may result in increased acne severity.  Whey protein has also been linked to acne flares.

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