Your Best Skin, Naturally

Why am I putting this time and effort into my blog, Instagram, writing a book…on top of a full-time job as a dermatologist and skin cancer specialist, and raising 3 daughters? 

The reason is that I truly believe that we can create a movement that focuses on feeling your best, from the inside out, and that your skin health is a large part of this equation. 

Think about this…the cosmetics industry has made billions on products and devices that cover up imperfections on our skin. Foundations, concealers, highlighters, concealer brushes, exfoliating devices…

So what if you can cultivate clear, beautiful, glowing skin that is as unique as you are?  And the result is that you wake up each day, recognizing how gorgeous you are, and have the confidence to apply some moisturizer and sunscreen, and just go? 

I’m not saying that this will come without any effort or work.  But having guidance from a board-certified dermatologist regarding product choices that address your specific skin type and needs can really streamline your skincare regimen.

It’s also so important to recognize the other factors that influence our skin health…diet, exercise, stress, sleep, hydration, gut health, environment…among others.

So please let me know what your specific concerns are, and I will do my best to offer specific, evidence-based answers that are unbiased and utilize my years of experience to steer you along the right path to optimize the health and appearance of your skin!

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