Caffeine, Coffee and Rosacea

Just another reason to enjoy some coffee…caffeinated coffee is linked to a lower incidence of rosacea. This data was obtained from the Nurses Health Study II which was a prospective cohort study initiated in 1989. They found an inverse relationship between caffeinated coffee intake and rosacea. Consuming at least 4 servings a day had a significantly lower risk compared to ingesting only 1 or fewer servings per month. Decaffeinated coffee was not associated with this same reduction in rosacea incidence.

The mechanism by which this occurs may be related to the effect of caffeine on constricting blood vessels. Rosaceais the result of chronically dilated blood vessels on the face. By decreasing the dilation of blood vessels, caffeine may reduce or control the symptoms of rosacea.

Caffeine may also decrease inflammation which is another mediator in the formation of rosacea. Additionally, caffeine likely has a positive impact on hormones which also play an important role in rosacea formation via their effect on blood vessels.

So if you or someone you know suffers from rosacea, enjoy those cups of coffee, knowing that it will have a positive impact on your skin!

Li W-Q et al. JAMA Dermatol. 2018 Oct 17.

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